• chicacolombiana666

    I had Tummy Tuck ,lipo on my Back Bet Legs and BBL. Dr Garnozo is one of the best Doctors in the Dominican Republic. He is kind, attentive, he answers all your questions and best of all he has a big heart. His whole staff is great and very friendly.


  • cuban_princess

    I got a Tummy Tuck surgery in Dominican Republic 4 years ago with the incredible Dr. Garnozo. Everything went really smooth. The transformation is amazing inside and out. 


  • LaLaNY

    Dr. Garnozo is Wonderful. He is a very caring and intelligent man. His Credentials are extensive. After meeting with him I felt confident he was going to help me achieve the results I wanted. His whole team is very charming, funny,and caring. They possess a confidence in their work that I admire. Everyone checked in on me after my surgery. His Secretary is even a Doll she assisted me in all my lab work and any appointments that I needed to attend to. I know that they are not just after your money your health comes first. I am very happy with my results. The aftercare was excellent I had a nurse to assist me with anything I need at any moment. They really took great care of me and For that I am so grateful.

    5 out of 5 stars      Brazilian Butt Lift in the Dominican Repubplic

  • I was very nervous about the entire surgery until I spoke with you. You took all my anxiety away and replaced it with confidence. I’m so happy with the outcome. Sure makes me feel better about myself. You are such a wonderful doctor and your office staff is comparable to none. Thanks so much. - James

  • I'm happy and contented with Dr Cesa's work. Dr Cesa is very professional and humble in his work. He takes time with his patients and is a really  gifted surgeon. I'm 200% satisfied with my surgery many thanks to Dr.Cesa. I'm happy with my results and would consider gosculptura again for any future work that I want done.


    -By Loncy Stewart (Colombia)

  • My patient care manager helped me with tips about town and also with tending to some personal needs I had. She made it easy to approach her with questions that I had concerning things that did not have anything to do with my surgery. She assisted me in getting my medicines and a few personal needs that arose during my stay. Betsy has a great personality. I had great surgeon, excellent care, and a great experience. I am very happy - I tell everyone how wonderful my experience was. I am happy to recommend GoSculptura to anyone - Gloria R. 

  • „I have never met such a patient-focused doctor like Dr Magyar, he changed my life! When I met him the first time, I knew immediately that I can trust him. Thank you again for all!”

  • „It was one of the best decisions in my life that we made the operation and I chose dr Magyar! „

  • „At the first time we met with Dr Magyar... I felt that I can put my life into his hands. Fantastic man and a great doctor!”

  • The surgery has gone well and thank you very much dr Sareta, I look forward to my next one--- from Crystal Carmona (Mexico)

  • So far interesting experience in Mexico!

    The culture between Mexico and Canada is different so some people expect different treatments / why people are treat. I have had a good experience so far.

    -By Dean Ferre

  • I would like to first thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for me not only in my physical appearance but especially to my self-esteem and confidence level. Both my husband and I are amazed with the fabulous results of my surgery. I am not only perky and firm but look even better than when I was 16 years old. You are truly gifted in what you do. There are no words to express my gratitude to you and your staff for everything you have done. The care that was given and delivered to me as a patient was nothing but outstanding and in my professional and personal opinion at the highest level of excellence. It is clear that you truly care for your patients and enjoy being a surgeon. The rewarding results and response from your patients are clearly valid and therefore the results I received and that were achieved is a clear reflection of your excellence. I will always be forever grateful to you and team of great staff. Sincerely. - Emmanuelle

  • I was impressed with Dr. Sareta and happy with the experience in Mexico



    YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!

    -By Victorya Freeman 

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