Selecting a destination for your plastic surgery abroad

In recent years, the medical tourism market has grown substantially. Today there are many countries where you can go for plastic surgery. Some are close to your home country, while some others quiet far. Each destination, however, offers unique benefits and drawbacks. That's why it is necessary you do proper research before picking one.

Selecting a country

The cost, healthcare standards, and expertise vary from country to country. For instance, while Belgium is famous for cost-effective obesity surgery, Spain is known for excellent fertility treatments. Similarly, beyond Europe, the cost of flight and accommodation varies a great deal from country to country.

A few things you should consider when selecting your destination are:

  • Does the selected country offer the treatment you need?
  • What health care regulations are in place?
  • What are the cost of travelling and accommodation?
  • What is the best time to visit?
  • How widely English is spoken?
  • How safe and comfortable is travelling and living in that country?

Choosing a clinic

After you have selected the destination, you will need to select a clinic. You can do this either through your own research or hire a medical tourism broker.

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