How much does plastic surgery cost

In developing countries, like India, and Eastern European countries the cost of medical treatment is low. In these countries the operating cost of clinics is low. The salary given to doctors and other medical staff here is also low in comparison to Europe and the US. Because of this, private hospitals here charge less.

Typical Cost of Treatment Abroad

No single country offers the best prices for all treatments. If one country is the best option for a particular procedure, the other country offers the best price for another. For example:

  • The price of a single cycle of infertility treatment in the UK is £400. The same costs only £1,200 in Ukraine or Turkey
  • The price of dental implants in the UK is above £2,000. In Eastern Europe the same dental implants can be had for as low as £500.
  • The price of a nose job (Rhinoplasty) in the UK is about £3,800. In Poland it costs £1,000 and in Turkey £1,200.

You should know in advance what you are paying for

Confirm what all is included within the quote offered to you. This will ensure there are no surprises later on.

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