What to look for in a clinic when going abroad for plastic surgery

When going abroad for treatment, you should ensure that the selected clinic is formally regulated by the concerned authority. In most medially-advanced countries, clinics are regulated and inspected by the government health ministry.

You should ask the selected clinic for inspection reports. The best clinics usually display such details on their own. Inspection reports and formal assessments can be generally found on the clinic's website. However, there is no harm in doing a double check with the selected country'snational regulatory body.

The selected clinic should also give you access to references from previous clients. They may also put you in touch with their previous customers.

Some questions that you should ask a hospital or clinic:

  • Where will the operation take place-in the doctor's clinic or a private hospital?
  • What are your success rates?
  • What happens in case of an emergency?
  • How long I would be required to stay in hospital?
  • What are your post-surgical infection rates? What safety policies you follow to reduce the chance of a post-surgical infection?
  • What kind of aftercare and rehabilitation you provide?
  • Can you provide testimonies of your past patients?

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