Tips to save money on plastic surgery abroad

Plastic surgery abroad costs as much as 50% less than the US, the UK, or other developed countries. Top abroad destinations for plastic surgery include India, Mexico, and Eastern Europe.

Private clinics in all countries where medical tourism is popular offer visitors attractive payment packages. You can increase your savings by selecting an appropriate all-inclusive package. Visitors who plan to undergo multiple cosmetic treatments can select an all-inclusive package that covers all surgeries they need to undergo. A multiple treatments package cost significantly less than the sum of the cost of individual treatments.

Some other tips to help you save money when going abroad for plastic surgery are:

•  Do proper research . The cost of treatment varies from clinic to clinic. Doing proper research before boarding the plane will help you get an attractive offer. However, beware of an offer that sounds too good to be true. Such an offer may indicate low-quality treatment or non-compliance to safety regulations.

•  Confirm beforehand what all is included in your package . Even when you are buying an all-inclusive treatment package, confirm in advance what all is included in it. This will safeguard you from nasty surprises at the end of the treatment.

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