Frequently asked questions on plastic surgery abroad answered

Those who want to go for plastic surgery abroad usually have many questions they want to ask. This guide aims to answer a few such questions.

•  Why do I need to go abroad for treatment?

Cosmetic treatment in developed countries is expensive. In countries like India, Mexico, and Argentina the same treatment cost much less.

•  How much money I can save on treatment?

This may vary from country to country and clinic to clinic. However, by moderate estimation, you stand to save at least about 30% on treatment.

•  Does low cost mean below par doctors?

No. Doctors in countries like India, Mexico, and Argentina undergo years of rigorous training, much like US and UK doctors. The difference in cost is because of low cost of medical commodities in these countries.

•  Which are the top destinations for plastic surgery?

The top destinations include Eastern European countries, Argentina, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, and India.

•  How is plastic surgery abroad regulated?

In most countries a national body or association approved by the government regulates plastic surgery. In addition,top clinics abroad are also accredited with multiple international medical associations.

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