What should be your expectations for a plastic surgery abroad?

When undergoing a cosmetic treatment, it is important that you have a realistic expectation from the procedure. Too high an expectation can cause disappointment later on.

Clinics do not offer a guarantee regarding the results of a dental or surgical procedure. The selected clinic will communicate to you all the risks associated with the procedure. You will be required to sign a consent form, which will indicate that you understand and accept the attached risks.

However, you should seek a written financial guarantee from your clinic that, in case something goes wrong, the clinic will fix it free of cost.

Get a written contract

Ask the clinic for a written contract. Carefully read it to ensure you understand everything you are consenting to. The following things, among others, will be included in your contract:

  • The services that will be provided to you
  • The price of the treatment
  • What happens in case something goes wrong
  • What happens if the procedure is rescheduled or cancelled

It is best to be clear about such issues beforehand. If there is something you don't understand, you should talk to an expert.

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