Things to remember if something goes wrong

Cosmetic procedures are very safe but they nevertheless are medical procedures. Like in case of any surgery, in cosmetic surgery, too, you should take all possible measures to minimize your risks.

For example:

  • Take your medications as directed by your surgeon. If you are asked to stop smoking, do so.
  • Give yourself time to recuperate and rest post surgery. It is best you do all the strenuous travelling before the surgery.
  • Ensure your schedule has some room for flexibility. If you don't feel too well about flying back as scheduled after surgery, you should postpone it until you are better. In addition, ensure you have the money to handle some unplanned expenses if they come your way.
  • Learn about the possible risks in advance and the best way to go about them. Your clinic should provide you with comprehensive aftercare instructions.

Problems in the selected country

If you develop any immediate post-op problem, the clinic is likely to take care of it. Nevertheless, you should inform your physician at home about it.

Problems on return

You should immediately consult your doctor at home if you develop any complications after returning.

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