Things to consider when going abroad for your plastic surgery

Medical tourism is hugely popular because it is very cost-effective. However going abroad for treatment is an important question, one which requires due thought and planning.

Some things you must consider before going abroad for your treatment are:

  • How far you are ready to travel? How long you are ready to stay?
  • Will you be comfortable in taking a return flight just a couple of weeks after treatment? More importantly, will your doctor think that would be right for you?
  • Will you go alone or with a family member or a friend? Are you comfortable in undergoing treatment alone?
  • In case of a complication, will you be able to stretch your stay?
  • Will you be required to stay for follow-up treatment? If yes, are you willing to do that? Or can the follow-up treatment be done in your home country?
  • Which is more important to you-quality or cost?

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