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Introduction *

Anesthetic: General
Stay in clinic: 2 nights
Recuperation: 12 days
Required pre-surgical tests: All patients undergoing general anesthesia are required to have a preoperative medical evaluation and some routine laboratory tests to assess their general medical condition.


For whom? *

• The best candidates for a tummy tuck are men or women who are in relatively good shape but are bothered by a large fat deposit or loose abdominal skin that won't respond to diet or exercise.
• The tummy tuck surgery is particularly helpful to women who, through multiple pregnancies, have stretched their abdominal muscles and skin beyond the point where they can return to normal.
• Loss of skin elasticity in older patients, which frequently occurs with slight obesity, can also be improved.
• Patients who intend to lose a lot of weight should postpone the surgery. Also, women who plan future pregnancies should wait, as vertical muscles in the abdomen that are tightened during surgery can separate again during pregnancy.
• If you have scarring from previous abdominal surgery, your doctor may recommend against abdominoplasty or may caution you that scars could be unusually prominent.


What is the procedure tummy tuck? *

• Most commonly, the surgeon will make a long incision from hipbone to hipbone, just above the pubic area. A second incision is made to free the navel from surrounding tissue. With a partial tummy tuck, the incision is much shorter and the navel may not be moved, although it may be pulled into an unnatural shape as the skin is tightened and stitched. 
• Next, the surgeon separates the skin from the abdominal wall all the way up to your ribs and lifts a large skin flap to reveal the vertical muscles in your abdomen. These muscles are tightened by pulling them close together and stitching them into their new position. This provides a firmer abdominal wall and narrows the waistline. 
• The skin flap is then stretched down and the extra skin is removed. A new hole is cut for your navel, which is then stitched in place. Finally, the incisions will be stitched, dressings will be applied, and a temporary tube may be inserted to drain excess fluid from the surgical site. 
• In partial abdominoplasty, the skin is separated only between the incision line and the navel. This skin flap is stretched down, the excess is removed, and the flap is stitched back into place.


Length of the operation Tummy tuck *

• A complete tummy tuck usually takes two to five hours, depending on the extent of work required. A partial /mini tummy tuck may take an hour or two.


Results *

• Usually excellent results.
• The quality of the scars depends on the skin type and how smooth the suction is.
• The optimal results will be conspicuous in 6 months to 1 year. In-patient: up to 3 days in hospital. Back to work in 2 to 3 weeks • The stitches are removed on the 21st day or thereabouts.
Post operation Tummy tuck
• Depending on the extent of the surgery, you may be released within a few hours or you may have to remain hospitalized for two to three days following your tummy tuck.
• Your doctor will give you instructions for showering and changing your dressings. And though you may not be able to stand straight at first, you should start walking as soon as possible.
• Surface stitches will be removed in five to seven days, and deeper sutures, with ends that protrude through the skin, will come out in two to three weeks. The dressing on your incision may be replaced by a support garment.


What is the time to recovery for your tummy tuck? *

• Back to work: about 2 weeks 
• More strenuous activities: 4 to 6 weeks or more. 

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