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Argentina is renowned for amazing architectural wonders, stunning natural beauty, magnificent beaches and a lot more. Argentina, alternatively known as the Argentina Republic is a federal republic in South America. It is the second largest country in the region and shares a bulk of Southern Cone with Chile to the west.

The Argentine Republic is bordered by Brazil to the northeast, Paraguay, and Bolivia to the north, the Drake Passage to the south and South Atlantic Ocean to the east. The country’s capital, Buenos Aires is known to host international conferences on the latest developments made in the field of plastic surgery very often.

The country boasts of a large number of board certified surgeons who are knowledgeable and qualified to carry out plastic surgeries with ease. Moreover, clinics and hospitals in the country are also equipped with the latest technology instruments and tools to help people achieve a body they have always dreamed about.

Why Consider Argentina for Plastic Surgery?

Medical tourism in the country is growing and the result can be seen in the country’s economy. Every year around 14 thousand patients from around the globe travel to the Argentine Republic to avail medical services.

Services and infrastructure of Argentina hospitals are at par with other western developed countries. Moreover, along with modern infrastructure, doctors also hold the same standards as a majority of them have graduated from some of the best medical colleges and universities abroad.

There are various reasons that will attract you to toward this beautiful country. Some of them are:


Argentina is one of the few countries that offer its medical services at cost effective prices. This is the best country to go for any kind of cosmetic surgery. Here, patients have the option to make a saving of approximately 70% of the price asked for the same surgery in any developed country like the United States or the UK.

High-quality Facilities

Here you can easily choose between public and private medical health care services. While the public hospitals and clinic may offer a bit low-quality medical services, no compromise on the quality of the services is made in the private sector. Moreover, doctors in the country are trained from some of the best institutes all over the world to offer the best treatment at low cost.

Knowledgeable Doctors

Doctors and other medical staff working in private and public hospitals in Argentina have years of experience to back their knowledge. Doctors in the country have studied in the finest medical colleges and universities in the United States and other countries in the west.

Tourist Attractions

Apart from being a country that offers its patients a chance to save their money while going under the knife, Argentina also helps them relax and enjoy their stay. During the recovery period, patients can spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of city life. With mesmerizing scenery complementing the diverse culture of the country, this place will leave you enthralled. 

Language is not a Barrier

A majority of doctors in the region are comfortable with English and this makes it an added advantage for the patients traveling from around the globe. While the primary language of Argentina is Spanish, people here can easily understand and speak English

Travel And Accommodation Costs in the Argentina

A popular country to visit in South America, Argentina accommodates all type of travelers. Whether you are traveling to the country to avail medical treatment, are on a low budget or are planning a luxury holiday, the country welcomes its visitors with open arms.

Ezeiza (Ministro Pistarini) International Airport is located at a short distance of 37 kilometers from the center of the city. Regular international flights ply to and fro the airport. From the airport, you can take a taxi or an airport bus to reach your destination.

Traveling Within Argentina

You have the option to choose a taxi or public transport to travel from one destination to another in the country. Yet, flying is considered as the best option to cover long distances. When in Argentina, you can easily purchase an air pass that allows you to enjoy several discounted flights from destination A to destination B throughout the country.


The country has some of the best hotels and hostels around the world. If you are looking for a pocket-friendly accommodation, picking up a hostel would be the best deal. You can choose between a private room and a dormitory room with shared baths.

Travelers and medical tourists can also choose between luxury hotels or home stays as these are considered as a popular option in the country. Camping is also seen as a widespread activity taken up by adventure enthusiasts and people who want to explore nature.

The Health Care System

The health care system of Argentina is known worldwide and the practicing physicians have to undergo strict training before they get their license to practice medicine. The doctors and surgeons are required to pass the medical exam in order to secure their place in the two years internship program at the public hospitals spread across the country.

A majority of private doctors in the country are trained abroad; however, they chose to return back to their country. Therefore, patients can expect the finest treatment offered by well-educated and trained doctors.

Argentina surgeons need to get their hands on a medical license from professional bodies such as The Argentinean Plastic Surgery Society (SACPER) affiliated to Medical Association of Argentina (AMA). The plastic surgeons need to follow a code of conduct and ethics laid down by the Federación Ibero-Latinamericana de Cirugia Plastica (FILACP). This is an organization that is responsible for uniting plastic surgeons boards and societies in Portuguese and Spanish speaking countries.

Further, the surgeon should also be accredited by different organizations such as the Buenos Aires Plastic Surgery Society (SCPBA), the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS), and the Argentinean Plastic Surgery Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS).

About Argentina

Argentina is the birthplace of Che Guevara, Tango, and Evita Peron, along with being home to millions of immigrants from Europe. It is an expanse of iconic peaks, natural wonders and a bustling country visited by patients looking forward to going under the knife.

The country boast of highly literate population, technology based agriculture sector, rich natural resources, and diversified industrial base. The economy of the country is second largest in the South America. Argentina is one of the world’s top developing nations and a member of G-20 major economies.

The country experiences a temperate climate with the winters being cold and summers being hot and humid. However, the deserts of Cuyo are extremely hot and dry during summers and moderately cool during the winters.

The country possesses one of the best healthcare systems in the world all thanks to the government who has invested heavily in the health care sector. One of the reasons why the country has seen a large number of medical travelers is because the country’s currency collapsed in 2012 when it was pegged to the dollar. Since the collapse of the currency, services in the country have become cheaper than the west and thus people who want to undergo plastic surgery are traveling to this destination.

This is a great place for those who want to enhance their features and achieve a dream body they always wanted to have. In addition to health care tourism, the country also attracts tourist from around the globe who want to enjoy the spectacular views, picturesque scenery, and more.

Quick Facts About Argentina

(1) Argentina is the eighth largest country in the world with a mainland area of 1,073,500 square miles.

(2) The name Argentine is derived from the Latin word Argentum, which means Silver. According to a legend, the country had a mountain of silver that reached Spain in the year 1524.

(3) One in 30 Argentines undergoes a cosmetic surgery.

(4) Argentina was the first country to use fingerprinting to solve a crime.

(5) In 2001, the country had 5 presidents in 10 days. 

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