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Spain is an independent country located in Southwestern Europe. It is the 13th largest economies of the world and is governed by a constitutional monarchy. The country also has a parliamentary form of government which works in sync with the constitutional monarchy.

Spain is more than bullfights, exotic beaches, sunshine and flamenco dance. Over the years, Spain has emerged as a renowned medical tourism destination. The healthcare system of the country is sophisticated and help patients avail high-quality facilities at an affordable price. This is the reason why a majority of tourists flock from neighboring countries, middle east Asia, United States, and North Africa.

With so much to offer to the patients and tourists, it is no surprise that the country enjoys 7th place in the WHO list of the best health care system in Europe and is way ahead of countries like the USA, Japan, UK, and Canada. According to WHO, Spanish are second-most satisfied with the health care system in the country.

Why Spain

Over the years, Spain has become one of the sought after destination in the world for medical tourism. Moreover, due to its pleasant weather, vibrant culture, exciting nightlife and amazingly beautiful sandy beaches, people choose to travel to this exotic location to spend some time with their family and friends.

There are more than 700 hospitals and clinics in the country that cater to the needs of local as well as patients traveling from other parts of the world. The Spanish healthcare industry has a reputation for offering an amazing post-operative care which makes things more favorable for a patient.

The reason why Spain is becoming one of the most preferred destination by medical tourists is because of low and competitive price for medical procedures. While the price varies from area to area, the cost and healthcare standards offered by the country are excellent.

Here are few reasons why you should consider Spain for your healthcare needs.

(1) The country boasts of a vast network of public and privately-owned hospitals and clinics.

(2) A majority of hospitals are accredited with Joint Commission International (JCI).

(3) State of the art medical technology and infrastructure.

(4) Well qualified doctors having years of experience to back their knowledge.

(5) Spain is one of few countries that offer affordable healthcare services at a fraction of the cost of developed countries.

(6) Spain also has a well-established tourism infrastructure which gives tourists a chance to collaborate their medical visit with vacations.

Travel Notes

The land of siesta, Spain is a slow-moving country where people often run late. Spanish enjoy their life to the fullest, eat well and relax. Spain is a beautiful country that has a lot of uniqueness and variety to it.  

Over the years, the country has seen a lot of improvement to road and rail travel. Moreover, there is a huge choice of airlines that fly from some of the well known international locations and connects them with Spain.

Flying to Barcelona

A majority of tourists choose to travel to Barcelona, the second largest city in the country. El Prat is the Barcelona’s airport that connects tourists with the city. A large number of international flights connects different countries with Barcelona. Once at the airport, you can choose to travel via a shuttle bus service or travel through trains that leave for Plaça de Catalunya after every 30 minutes.

Travelling within the country

Tourists can comfortably travel within the country as they can choose intercity rail service to travel from point A to point B. The country also boasts of well-laid roads which make the journey more interesting.


There is a great variety of accommodation available for tourists traveling on any budget.

If you are a tourist traveling to avail a treatment in Spain, you can choose from a double four-star hotel or less expensive hotels. You can even opt for mountain cabins to make your stay more interesting. While no reservations are required during the off-season, you need to reserve your room during peak season. Tourists can also choose to stay at hostels, if they are traveling on a pre-set budget.

The Healthcare System

With a lot to offer to medical tourists, it is no surprise that WHO has placed Spain on 7th position for the best health care system in Europe. Spain’s economy has always been on the stronger side which has helped the country to build modern hospitals that have state-of-the-art infrastructure. Moreover, with well-trained professionals in its kitty, Spain has everything it needs to be seen as one of the best destination for medical tourism.

Both, public and private healthcare system offers free medical treatment to the country’s residents who pay for their social security. Even though a variety of health policies exist between the Spanish and British health systems, they are quite similar.

With more than 700 hospitals and clinics, the country boasts of a large number of private and public medical institutions. Doctors in Spain are highly educated as they need to study for a minimum of six to seven years before they are allowed to start their practice. Doctors who want to specialize in a certain field needs to study for another five to six years before they are allowed to start practicing medicine.

Nurses and other supporting staff are also well educated and highly trained to perform their duty to perfection. There are more than 21 JCI accredited hospitals in the country.

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About Spain

The Kingdom of Spain or Spain is a sovereign state situated on the Iberian Peninsula in the South Western Europe. This beautiful country shares its border with Morocco, Portugal, Principality of Andorra, France, and Gibraltar.

It is one of the countries around the globe that enjoys the mildest climate. While the summers are mostly dry, hot and sunny, the winters are usually windy, cool and rainy. You will occasionally experience sunny days in winters.

Spanish people are generally open-hearted and communicative. They love to talk with other people. While the Spanish wages are generally lower; however due to a low cost of living, the general lifestyle of people is better.

When at this exotic destination, there is no dearth of luxury and budget resorts. If you are traveling on a pre-set budget, you can choose to rent a villa in a picturesque location as it is available at a low cost.

Moreover, some of the best things about Spain is its food, dance, music, and wine. Provinces known for high-quality fine wine are the surrounding areas of Rioja. While in Spain, you can indulge in the excellent fish and meat dishes. In addition, the nightlife of Spain attracts every tourist attention as the parties are generally extended till dawn.

Quick Facts About Spain

Spain is one of the world’s oldest cultures that has an influence on the entire continent. It attracts millions of travelers and medical tourists who look forward to their stay at this beautiful place. If you are traveling to Spain in the near future, here are some facts that may interest you.

(1) Not all Spain citizens are native speakers of Spanish. There are four official languages, three unofficial languages and several more dialects in the country.

(2) Flamenco is not a dance, rather it is a musical style that sometimes has dancing in it.

(3) More than 58 million tourists visit Spain every year and it is the fourth most visited country in the world.

(4) During the La Tomatina festival, more than 1,50,000 tomatoes are thrown.

(5) Spain is known for the low birth rate. This attributes to the fact that the country witnessed a high unemployment, steep housing costs, and low wages.

(6) Food is an important topic of conversation in Spain.

(7) It is one of the biggest producers of saffron, olive oil, cacao, tobacco, and avocados.

(8) Despite being a powerful country, Spain did not officially participate in World War First or Second.

(9) The Spanish empire was once considered as one of the world’s most powerful.

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