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Over the past few years, Dominican Republic has emerged as one of the favorite destination for medical tourism. This is a sovereign state that occupies the eastern 2/3 of the Hispaniola Island in the Caribbean region. Being the second largest Caribbean nation by area, it boasts of an approximate population of 10 million people.

The country gained its independence in the year 1844 and since then has been an independent country with an ever growing economy. The Dominican Republic is all about brightly colored wildlife, lush green hills and medical tourism. People from all walks of life living in different parts of the world come to this sovereign state to undergo plastic surgeries.

The island is known for an advanced and robust healthcare system. There are numerous private clinics and hospitals available in the region that are as good as hospitals in any developed country around the world. The surgeons that perform cosmetic surgery in the Dominican Republic are highly qualified and have years of experience to back their knowledge.

So if you have been planning to opt for a plastic surgery, you can choose the Dominican Republic as the surgery location because it offers cosmetic treatment at a reasonable price. Moreover, low cost and high standard of services are the reason why a majority of US citizens and thousands of European come for plastic surgery in the region every year.

The Dominican Republic has gained global recognition as one of the best countries offering high quality of healthcare and wellness programs. The ministry of Health and Tourism in association with the Dominican Medical College has signed an agreement to promote medical tourism in the country.

The goal of this fast growing initiative is to provide a framework that will help regulate different medical tourism activities in the country. For this reason, the company aims to bring together various certified professionals and hospitals to offer best services to patients.

Dominican Republic is a picturesque Caribbean country that has a lot to offer to people looking forward to going under the knife or to travel a beautiful location. Over the past few decades, it has become a favored destination among patients looking forward to go under the knife. This has been possible as the Dominican Republic offers its patients a number of unique advantages. The country boasts of a healthcare system that is significantly advanced and is managed by a number of best private clinic and hospitals.

With high-quality treatment being offered at competitive pricing, a patient coming in from a developed country can save anything varying from 30% to 50% on the total cost of cosmetic treatment. Moreover, the surgeons in the country have accreditations from international bodies that standardize plastic surgery standards worldwide.

The patients coming to the country to get plastic surgery done are offered attractive comprehensive packages. These packages further give the patients a chance to save money as they lessen the treatment cost. Various hospitals in the region are equipped with the medical equipment working on the latest technology. Therefore, a patient can easily choose multiple treatments while in the country.

The Dominican Republic lies at a short distance apart from the United States and is connected with various European countries. A patient can easily board a flight from any city in the USA or from different European countries. Apart from regular flights, tourists and patients have the option to board charter flights that connect Europe with the Dominican Republic.

As a tourist, you would love visiting the world heritage sites, pristine beaches, and more. Trekkers and bike enthusiasts would enjoy trekking and pedaling different mountain trails. Nature lovers can also enjoy exploring more than 100 species of birds found in the Eastern National Park.

If you are looking to experience some adrenaline rush before the surgery, go to Jarabaco. Extensive pine forests, exquisite waterfalls and an amazing hiking experience, this country offer it all and a lot more. Therefore, make sure you do not miss on the adventure while in the city.

As a medical tourist destination, you will never feel out of place here. This emerging medical tourism destination is worth visiting. Even if you are not planning to go under the knife, you will still be mesmerized by the beauty of the destination.

Well qualified doctors, reduced cost of surgery and hospitals using the latest technology makes it easy for patients to reach a decision to travel to the country and undergo multiple treatments. Moreover, while in the country, you would love to explore it more without thinking about returning back home. So choose this mesmerizing country and enjoy a wonderful vacation while going under the knife in the Dominican Republic.

Travel And Accommodation Costs in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic was discovered by Columbus on his first voyage and since then, the region has come a long way. Regular flights ply from the USA to the Dominican Republic. Or you can even fly from New York, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Atlanta, San Juan or various European countries to the Dominican Republic by catching a flight.

Getting to/from the airport

Las Américas International Airport is one of the largest international airports in Punta Caucedo, located near the country capital Santo Domingo. This airport has handled 3.5 million passengers through its air terminal last year. Run by a private corporation, Aeropuertos Dominicanos Siglo XXI (AERODOM), the international airport usually receives short, long and mid-haul aircraft.

This is the second busiest airport in the Dominican Republic after Punta Cana International Airport. This airport connects most neighboring countries and islands along with connecting North America, South America, Central America, and Europe with several direct flights.

Getting Around the Country

By Plane

An easy way to travel throughout the country is by air. Air Santo Domingo offers regular flights between various cities of the country and is the only domestic carrier. From the airport, you can choose gua-guas which are less comfortable smaller buses that give an opportunity to travel within a smaller region with ease.

By Car

Another great way to travel the length and breadth of the region is to rent a car. Although you may find it a little expensive than hiring a car in other countries, this could be the best option to travel comfortably. Roads present throughout the country are in good condition, while some may be difficult to pass during rains.

There are some prerequisites that you need to fulfill before renting a car. You:

(1) Need to be at least 25 years of age

(2) Must possess a credit card

(3) Should have a valid driver’s license

By Bus

The country boasts of well connectivity as one of the best ways to get around is to choose public transport. You will get reliable, comfortable and pocket-friendly bus services in the Dominican Republic. The metro buses have comfortable cabins and air-conditioners and are faster than other modes of transportation.

By Boat

While tourists also have the option to travel between Sabana del Mar and Samana through a ferry, they can indulge in diving, fishing, and snorkeling when opting for ferries.

Tourists and patients traveling to the Dominican Republic have a great variety of options to stay. The country has innumerable hotels that suit people traveling on any budget. If you are planning to stay in Santo Domingo, the capital city or in any other city, you won’t have any trouble finding a place to stay that is in sync with your requirements and budget.

Small hotels, mid-range hotels or budgeted hotels, you easily choose accommodation near the beach, mountain areas or near a historical center. So whether you are traveling to the Dominican Republic to undergo a plastic surgery or want to enjoy the beauty of the region, finding an accommodation will never be a tough job.

The Health Care System

The Dominican Republic has a highly developed healthcare system as a three tiered healthcare system is followed here. The healthcare system includes:

Socialized system

The socialized system is responsible for providing medical services for free to the society’s economically weaker section.

Social security system

Social security system has been set up for residents whose are unable to earn more than $4,000.

Private medical system

This system offers an advanced treatment and is generally chosen by patients traveling to the country for plastic surgery.

Here, it must be noted that a multi-tiered system guarantees access to subsidized or, in some cases, free medical care.

There are numerous hospitals and private clinic offering high-quality services to patients in the region. Clinics in the country make use of the latest technology to offer outstanding aesthetic and cosmetic treatment to its patients. Moreover, the region boasts of highly professional and skilled cosmetic surgeons that undergo extensive training before they are given the license to perform surgeries on patients.

Doctors have to gain accreditation from the Dominican Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery before they can begin their practice. Getting certification from the national body is not an easy task as the candidate needs to pass an evaluation process before he can receive his letter of accreditation.

Various accreditations that surgeons in the Dominican Republic have acquired include:

(1) International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS)

(2) International Confederation of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery (IPRAS)

(3) Ibero-American Federation of Plastic Surgery (FILCAP)

Cost of plastic surgery in the country is lower as compared to surgeries done in the United States or the United Kingdom. You can be sure that you will receive the same quality of treatment in the Dominican Republic as you would have received if getting the surgery done in any developed country.

Apart from being a medical tourism destination, the region is a wonderful destination for tourists. Its rich culture, fascinating history, and astonishing nature charm tourists. Therefore, a majority of patients combine their vacations and treatment when traveling to the Dominican Republic.

About Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a beautiful country in the Caribbean. Spread over two-third of Hispaniola, the Caribbean Sea lies to the right of the country while the North Atlantic Ocean lies to the north.

This democratic country gained its independence in 1844 and now tourism is a key source of income. The country also possesses an impressive healthcare system and offers high quality and affordable treatment to people looking forward to going under the knife to improve their appearance.

As a tourist, you will get mesmerized by the beauty of the region. From white sand beaches to world heritage sites, mountain trails and rainforests, you will carry back home a bag full of amazing memories. The country’s capital city has a lot to offer to its tourist alone. Santo Domingo is known for its colonial architecture, museums, and amazing food. The two biggest attractions in the city that enthrall the tourists include the First Cathedral of America and historic Colonial City.

Nature lovers won’t be disappointed while in the city as the Eastern National Park is full of beautiful sights. A UNESCO world heritage site, this national park has approximately 112 species of birds. Tourists can also choose to indulge in various activities such as snorkeling or can go diving if they are feeling a little adventurous.

Playa Dorada is another popular tourist destination lying in the country that attracts golf lovers. The Robert Trent Jones golf course is believed to be one of the most picturesque and beautiful golf courses in the world. Jarabacoa is another destination that is worth a visit while in the Dominican Republic. The fact that the Dominican Republic has so many exquisite, breathtaking and picturesque locations will make your wanderlust soul pack the bags and visit the country at the earliest.

Quick Facts About Dominican Republic

(1) The Dominican Republic was originally named as La Espanola

(2) Santo Domingo is the oldest city in the new world

(3) The Dominican Republic fought for its independence from the United States, Spain, and Haiti

(4) Colonial city of Santo Domingo was declared as a World Heritage Site in 1990 by UNESCO

(5) Coffee, Sugar, Cocoa, and Tobacco are the main agriculture export of the country

(6) The country is known to produce excellent rum

(7) The country’s official language is Spain, although German, English, and French are widely spoken

(8) Tourism is also considered as the main sources of income

(9) The Dominican Republic experience warm and sunny conditions throughout the year

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