The Clinic of Dr Laszlo ranks as one of the leading clinics for plastic surgery in Hungary

With 20 years of professional experience, I can truly state that plastic surgery has to be safe first and foremost. It is more than just changing our external appearance, it assists us in achieving higher quality of life, positive attitude towards life by extending our possibilities and exerting a long term, positive effect on ones life. However, someone wishing to change him/herself in an extreme manner, assuming that he/she will become a valuable person by changing everything through plastic surgery – it is a totally different case. On such occasions it is also my responsibility to outline the limitations of plastic surgery. From the early start on, I have been thriving to offer personal, customised

assistance of the highest quality to men and women asking for my advice. Further to my experiences, patients benefit from a high standard environment, high quality team, excellent materials, leading edge technical appliances and wide ranging services.

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