About Gosculptura

GoSculptura is a medical tourism leader in the organization of packages for plastic surgery procedures in Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, India, Hungary and Spain. Our all inclusive packages combine first class medical treatments, relaxation packages with exciting and exotic on site leisure.

GoSculptura’s stringent quality control means that you only have access to the most renowned surgeons. They are members of American and International societies, cumulate more than 35 years of experience and have in total more than 500 satisfied US patients.

GoSculptura believes in treating the whole patient – not just body parts. Our personalized assistance will mean that you will feel home away from home. Your English speaking personal assistant, dedicated nurse and our entire team will insure that your experience with us will be top notch. Our trips will also fulfill your senses.

Our Services 

We offer a comprehensive care of the patient, until he or she flies back home. For more information, please visit the section Your medical trip.

Payment Policy 

In order to make the necessary reservations, we charge 30% of the package’s total cost at the time of booking. Patients pay the remaining 70% once all parties approve the choice of the surgeon, the treatment the patient will undergo, the type of accommodation, trips as well as extra services, if requested. This payment must be made 15 days before the trip.

Why are prices so low? What is the catch? 

There is no catch. The level of training of our medical professionals matches that of the top USA or European surgeons. They frequent the same international associations and often trained together.

Difference between the cost of living in Argentina and occidental countries offer the opportunity to obtain top quality treatments at savings of up to 50-70% from USA or European prices.

As a closing remark, we believe that GoSculptura is a solid choice and value for international patients seeking access to the most talented and experienced medical professionals and who wish to recover privately from friends and coworkers, in peaceful and culturally vibrant countries.

GoSculptura offers packages offering plastic surgery competitively priced with leading board certified plastic surgeons in leading plastic surgery clinics globally.

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